Retail Experiences

Coin operated kiddie rides, Massage Chairs, Prize Vendors for retail and leisure outlets

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Dedicated ride on kiddie rides and attractions areas for larger locations

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Dedicated air hockey, video game and prize-game areas

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FX/Motion Simulators

2-Person Motion Simulators providing all the fun of the fair in 10m2

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Supplier of Coin Operated Rides

We supply coin operated rides to Shopping Centres * Cinemas * Trampoline Parks * Leisure Venues * Softplay Areas

No Capital Outlay Required * Rentals * Profit Share * Space Rentals * Guaranteed Income Schemes

Coin operated rides are a great way to add extra income to your business. Here are some reasons why you should have a coin operated machine and some major benefits.

How Our Services Can Help You!

Coinfactory provides and manages top-of-the-range pay-to-play entertainment products, massage chairs, vendors and coin operated kiddie rides rental to shopping centres, leisure venues, cinema operators and property groups. Call us on 0161 633 2298 or email with any enquiries.

Increase Income
Increase Engagement
Maximise Experiences

claw-300With a reputation for innovation within the industry, Coinfactory has an in-depth knowledge of how to maximise additional income for retail and leisure operators.

By locating the right products in the right spaces, Coinfactory creates exciting experiences for different age-groups and adds a new dimension to their shopping or leisure experience.

Installations are supported using the latest technologies including remote data capture, online CCTV and customer relationship management software. Coinfactory is licensed by the Gambling Commission and can handle all legal requirements where locations or products require licenses or permits.

Client and customer helplines are open 24/7 every day of the year to provide client support, customer service and troubleshooting.

Coinfactory is a one-stop shop for clients wanting to source advice on the latest trends, products and updates on the most effective operational and support models.

Coinfactory have helped bring in a very welcome extra source of income to my business.
With minimal fuss and effort, we’ve able to bring in more money to our company!
We got lots of help from Coinfactory setting up coin operated machines to really add some extra income into our retail store.

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